9 die in workplace accidents last year: DSAL

2023-05-29 03:12     BY Yuki Lei    Comment:0

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) announced on Saturday that last year 4,274 workers were injured in workplace accidents, of which nine were fatal, with one death suspected of being due to violations of the city’s occupational health and safety rules.

In 2021, according to DSAL statistics, 15 people died in workplace accidents.

A DSAL statement noted that the three main causes of accidents at work were “falls”, “trapped limbs or impaling or cut injuries” and “overexertion or twisting”, accounting for 23.2 percent, 18.4 percent and 15.6 percent respectively.

According to the statement, DSAL officials carried out 3,205 inspections in different workplaces last year, including construction and industrial sites, as well as commercial establishments, among others, providing 685 suggestions for improvement and imposing penalties for 91 unsafe working conditions.

In the cases of work-related accidents having been investigated and dealt with by the bureau last year, a total of two people were fined for accidents caused by improper working environment and violations of occupational safety and health rules, involving two victims, the statement said, adding that while dealing with workers’ compensation for work-related injuries, a total of 29 people were punished for breaching the system, involving 170 employees.

The statement underlined that the bureau will continue to adopt measures of “immediate punishment, suspension of work and raising of [work safety] awareness” to immediately stop hazardous work at sites that fail to follow occupational safety and health rules.

In addition to instituting disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the law, the statement said, operational staff and those responsible will be required to call a review meeting immediately to highlight the importance of occupational safety and health measures, adding that the relevant work is not allowed to resume until the unsafe conditions on the premises have been fully improved and the requirements are met. 

This undated handout photo provided by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) on Saturday shows DSAL officials conducting a safety inspection on a construction site.

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