Hotel Royal’s Catalpa Garden celebrates CNY with ‘Chinese New Year Set Menus’

2022-01-14 03:57     BY Prisca Tang    Comment:0

Hotel Royal Macau said in a recent statement that its Catalpa Garden has prepared Shanghainese festive flavours – the “Chinese New Year Set Menus” and “Shanghainese Treasure Pot” – which are available until February 16.

According to the statement, Catalpa Garden offers guests four different Chinese New Year Set Menus of authentic Shanghainese favourites, such as popular appetisers Smoked Fish, Marinated Chicken with Huadiao Wine and Pork Knuckle with Huadiao Wine.

Huadiao is a traditional Chinese “yellow wine,” i.e., a rice wine.

The statement pointed out that the four Chinese New Year Set Menus are: “Joy Set” (1,500 patacas), “Fortune Set” (2,200 patacas), “Prosperity Set” (2,880 patacas) and “Golden Set” (3,680 patacas).

Meanwhile, the statement said that Catalpa Garden also offers Shanghainese Treasure Pot (Poon Choi aka Chinese casserole or big bowl feast) including a wealth of signature Shanghainese ingredients that brings the taste to another level. The statement noted that there will be eight premium ingredients, such as Deluxe Whole Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Dried Conpoy, Smoked Fish, Beef Shank, Pork Knuckle and Duck Tongue.

The statement underlined that the Shanghainese Treasure Pot (Poon Choi) priced at 1,588 patacas for 6 persons or 2,888 patacas for 12 persons, the Shanghainese Treasure Pot is available for takeaway or dine in. 

This undated handout photo provided by the Hotel Royal Macau recently shows its Shanghainese Treasure Pot.

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