Visitor describes Macau’s COVID-19 situation as ‘man proposes, God disposes’: vox pop

2021-10-20 01:51     BY Prisca Tang and Maria Cheang Ut Meng    Comment:0

A male visitor from Zhuhai surnamed Kong told The Macau Post Daily yesterday after Zhuhai eased COVID-19 prevention and control measures for arrivals from Macau that he could not have foreseen a sudden local case of the novel coronavirus as “man proposes, God disposes” (人算不如天算).

Zhuhai lifted its 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement for arrivals from Macau at noon yesterday, and instead visitors can now enter Zhuhai again with a nucleic acid test (NAT) negative result taken within 48 hours. The mandatory quarantine regulation was imposed by Zhuhai three weeks ago when Macau was hit by a Delta variant cluster.

Kong said he had expected things to be fine after a week and did not expect that it would take the Zhuhai authorities three whole weeks to ease up on the mandatory quarantine rule.

Another visitor from Zhuhai, surnamed Pan, told The Macau Post Daily that she was “overjoyed” by the news that she could come to Macau again without being quarantined upon return to the adjacent city. She said that it felt like she had not been in Macau for so long. Therefore, she added, as soon as she heard the news about easing the COVID-19 control measures, she booked an appointment for her NAT and came as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, a Zhuhai resident surnamed Pang who could finally return to her home without needing to undergo quarantine, said that she had been staying at her friend’s home in Macau for the past three weeks. She pointed out that her child studies in Macau but in-class teaching has not resumed yet so they have decided to go home (Zhuhai) for the time being. She also said that she “felt bad” about staying at her friend’s home for three weeks. 

A security guard checks a man’s Macau Health Code yesterday at the Barrier Gate checkpoint. Photos: Maria Cheang Ut Meng

People rush to the Barrier Gate checkpoint yesterday after Zhuhai eased its COVID-19 prevention and control measures by axing its 14-day mandatory quarantine for arrivals from Macau.

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