IC calls for GBA craft market stall operators

2024-06-26 03:31
BY Rui Pastorin

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) is calling for stall operators for its second “Craft Market in the Greater Bay Area [GBA]”, which is slated to be held from August 23 to 25 in Guangzhou, according to a statement from the bureau yesterday.

The statement noted that applications are open until next Tuesday for the stalls which are free. The three-day event will be held at Lumina Guangzhou in the provincial capital’s Yuexiu district. Local cultural and creative entities are invited to apply and participate.

The statement added that a “Macao Fashion Pop-up Store” will also be set up during the event, “strengthening the synergy of the event, promoting Macau’s original fashion brands, and expanding sales channels in the Greater Bay Area [GBA]”.

Debuting last year, the first “Craft Market in the Greater Bay Area” was well received, according to the statement.

Those interested can register via the “Craft Market Booth Operator Database” on www5.icm.gov.mo/craftmarketV2 .

The statement pointed out that all products registered must be of original design, excluding food and beverages, with a minimum of 10 types for sale. The statement added that services offering cultural and artistic experiences can also be included.

A lucky draw will be held if the number of applicants exceeds the number of stalls, the statement said.

Enquiries can be made by contacting IC representative Ms Lio on 8399 6292. 


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