Govt sets up Coordination Group for Large-Scale Performances

2024-04-03 03:41
BY Yuki Lei

The local government announced yesterday the setting-up of a special task force to oversee large-scale performances.

According to the announcement, the Coordination Group for Large-Scale Performances is tasked with coordinating all the work concerning major open-air performances held at government-owned venues and facilities, as well as giving advice on the vetting and approval of the relevant applications.

According to an executive order published in the Official Gazette (BO) yesterday, the group comprises 15 members, with the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture as its head, the president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) as the coordinator and the director of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) as the deputy coordinator, while the remaining 12 members represent other government entities, i.e. the Macau Government Information Bureau (GCS), Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), Sports Bureau (ID) and Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), as well as the Fire Services Bureau (CB), Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM), Public Security Police (PSP), Lands and Urban Construction Bureau (DSSCU), Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA), Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT),and Transport Bureau (DSAT).

The executive order issued by Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng, dated March 22, takes effect today.

The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture is authorised to supervise the operation of the coordination group, while the coordinator is responsible for processing applications for the organisation of large-scale open-air performances at government venues and facilities, coordinating the work of various government entities involved in the relevant events, including, in particular, event planning, public safety, supporting arrangements, environmental maintenance, licensing and other support work, consolidating the technical advice of various public entities, and giving their views on the applications for vetting and approval before submitting them to the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, the executive order states.

The deputy coordinator is tasked with coordinating various government entities and all sectors of the community in formulating complementary plans to enhance the effectiveness of the relevant events and promoting their implementation, as well as providing the coordinator with relevant information on the planning and implementation of the plans in a timely manner, according to the executive order.

According to the executive order, the Cultural Affairs Bureau is tasked with providing technical, administrative and logistical support to the coordination group.

The establishment of the group came after public controversy surrounding a two-night K-pop gig at the government-owned Macau Stadium in Taipa in January over noise and traffic issues. Following the concert, it emerged that the stadium’s turf was damaged by the about 40,000 spectators. The government has said that the cost of repairing the pitch have been borne by the concert organiser. 

This file photo taken in January shows a huge crowd queuing for a concert by K-pop group Seventeen at the government-owned Macau Stadium in Taipa. – Photo: William Chan


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