Chunyu Cultural & Art Association hosts inauguration

2024-04-03 03:40
BY William Chan

The Chunyu Cultural and Art Association (CYCA) (泉瑜文化藝術協會) held its inauguration ceremony on Sunday at the Orient Foundation’s Casa Garden.

During the ceremony, Founding President Mary Jean Hotung (翁靜晶)* noted that the name “Chunyu” is derived from the names of her stepfather, Lao Hin Chun, and her mother, Reimer Jean Yu, with the intention of carrying forward their passion for public welfare and social service. She underlined that “Chun” represents a clear spring, while “Yu” represents beauty and virtue.

Prior to the ceremony, Mary Jean Hotung told reporters that during the COVID-19 pandemic, she and other local artists gathered to paint, eventually forming a larger group encompassing various artistic genres, which led to the establishment of the organisation.

She added that the association aims to promote the development of cultural and artistic creations, strengthen connections among amateurs, and cultivate the cultural literacy and aesthetic appreciation of the public. She also expressed the hope that the association can uphold its philosophy of engaging the public through diverse forms of artistic experiences and support the future development of Macau’s cultural and artistic creations.

She noted on Sunday that on the following day the association would be hosting a teaching session at Hac Sa Beach, where they invited monks from Thailand to introduce the public to sitting meditation. She expressed her desire to curate more events in different art fields in the future.

She has recently starred in a local film titled “幸運閣” (“Fortune Tower”) and observed that the local film industry incorporates skills from Hong Kong and the creativity of the mainland. It is her goal to further drive the development of the local film industry, she said.

She also pointed out her intention to continue writing her “Dangerous Persons” series, but this time focusing on Macau stories, as she considers Macau to be her home.

*According to Wikipedia, Mary Jean Hotung has starred in multiple Hong Kong TV series and is a well-known TV and radio host and freelance writer.

Chunyu Cultural and Art Association (CYCA) Founding President Mary Jean Hotung addresses Sunday’s opening ceremony at the Orient Foundation’s Casa Garden.
– Photo provided by Chunyu


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