Santa Cecília Int’l Piano Competition China Finals to start tomorrow

2024-04-03 03:39
BY Lesley Wells

The 26th Santa Cecília International Piano (SCPC) Competition Finals of China International Piano (SCPC) Competition Finals of China and International Youth Piano Festival 2024 will take place in Macau tomorrow and Friday, with young pianists from the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan competing for a place in the global finals in the northern Portuguese city of Porto, according to the local organisers. 

The SCPC is an annual event held in Porto considered one of the most influential music events in Europe. The competition is certified by organisations such as the Alink–Argerich Foundation (AAF) and the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC).

The event is co-hosted by the Macau Music and Art Space (MMAS) and the Porto Silva Monteiro Music School (CMSM), and marks the first time the China finals of the competition will be held in Macau.

The competition will hold concurrently a raft of events including the 2024 International Youth Piano Art Festival featuring concerts, master classes, piano marathons, and other activities, aimed at promoting piano music.  

The Post spoke to Echo Chan Keng Hong in a café last Friday about the competition and the various events.

Musicians & aromatherapy company combine to arouse the senses

Chan said that the competition is open to professional and amateur pianists with different levels of ability. “The competition is to accommodate all students and help them decide whether to continue with their music or not, and encourage students to discover their interest in music. 3,000 students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan entered the competition and 800 have qualified for the World Final Competition,” said Chan.

According to Chan, Francine Chicard Essential Oil Company, which runs factories producing essential oils in Macau and elsewhere in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) has cooperated with competition judges and previous award-winning young musicians, with the theme of cultural exchanges with China and Portugal to present an immersive event of music and aromatherapy.

Chan said that by following the Portuguese steps along the Maritime Silk Road to discover frankincense, Francine Chicard Essential Oil Company came up with unique scents from the plants they found along the route. She added, “I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on the project last year to combine art with music and invited the musicians and designers to link culture and art.”

Chan continued,” Francine Chicard Essential Oil Company designed a new product unique to Macau and show Macau designs to the world. The idea was to create an immersive event, smell being one of the five senses and hearing another, so why not create an environment of sound, aroma and imagination to encourage the audience”. 

A Date with Francine Chicard and Music will be held at Clube Militar tomorrow at 7 p.m. with three themes representing Jasmine, Indian Dark Rose and Thymus mastichina (commonly known as Spanish marjoram) with musicians from mainland China, Macau, and Portugal.

Music marathon by 25 pianists from around the nation to take place at Macau Tower’s Skywalk

Meanwhile, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Macau’s return to the motherland, 25 young pianists from all over the country will play a relay marathon at the Skywalk of Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre on Friday. They will play “Song of the Seven Sons” and “Jasmine” with the aim of setting a record for high-altitude piano playing.

Pianos will also be placed at various tourist spots and hotels tomorrow and Friday so that anyone interested can sit down and play if they feel like it.

According to an MMAS statement, participants are encouraged to share their performances on social media to promote Macau as a diverse city of tourism. Upon completion of designated tasks, participants will receive a certificate from the organiser of the Piano Art Festival. Registration for the Piano Marathon is now open, with details available on the official Facebook and WeChat accounts of Macau Music and Art Space.

The piano competition will be held in the theatre on the 4th floor of the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre starting at 12 p.m. on Friday. Everyone is welcome. 

Macau Music and Art Space’s official WeChat account QR code.


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