Police nab Indonesian maid for stealing phone left on staircase

2023-11-21 03:19
BY William Chan

A domestic helper from Indonesia has been arrested for stealing a smartphone, Public Security Police (PSP) spokesman Leong Chi Seng said at a regular press conference yesterday.

The 45-year-old suspect is surnamed Siti. 

According to Lei, the Public Security Police received a report from a local man last Monday that he had left a phone worth 1,700 patacas on a staircase before going to a toilet at a petrol station on Avenida do Hipódromo. When he returned to pick up the phone, it had vanished. 

The police checked the CCTV footage around the area and discovered that Siti had picked up the phone. She was intercepted in a building in Areia Preta district on Wednesday.

Under questioning, Siti admitted to stealing the phone out of greed. The phone was retrieved from her flat.

Siti has been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP), facing a theft charge. Leong noted that in this context, the distinction between a theft charge and a theft-by-finding charge hinges on whether the victim inadvertently or deliberately left the phone behind. In the present case, since the victim intentionally left the phone, it falls under the category of a theft charge against the suspect. 

This undated pixelated handout photo provided by the Public Security Police (PSP) yesterday shows a police officer escorting the theft suspect to a police station.


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