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Peter Nyi Nyi Aung, USJ Student

        The technologically advanced age and the priority of finances have victimised the people of this era not to pursue a genuine tranquil rest. Many people falsely believe they can reduce stress by making a fortune and that money can relax them. Consequently, there is an urgent need for people to regain the notion of ideal rest. This article emphasises the roles of money and genuine rest in achieving inner peace.

Firstly, genuine rest provides physical relaxation and releases mental burnout, achieving inner peace. An average person thinks about strategies for making money or getting rich before falling asleep or taking a rest, which consumes a considerable amount of mental energy. Furthermore, implementing a person’s planned procedures also requires physical strength and, in some cases, mental strength. On the one hand, physical burnout may be recovered by indulgence, such as shopping or drinking in a bar. On the other hand, it is sure that such excess cannot fully restore mental tiredness; if worse, it could be physically tiring twice as much. Thus, despite spending enormous amounts on restful experiences, it cannot guarantee peace of mind. Occasionally, inner peace can be obtained when a person finds himself content with what he or she has, aside from financial success.

Another aspect is that pursuing wealth demands a lot of working hours, which impacts the amount of precious resting hours, namely personal time, and, not least, quality relationships and social connections. Those two components are crucially connected to time. As a university exchange student from Myanmar, my daily routine ends with going to school during the daytime and studying at night. So, I hardly keep in touch with my family. However, when I feel tired of studying, I try to find time to contact my family because talking with them makes me relaxed, and I receive emotional support from them, which money alone cannot buy. This issue concerns those who invest their time in work. Hence, they should find time to talk with family. While wealth may offer a certain degree of engagement in social events, it cannot guarantee genuine connection or emotional support. True rest can be found in engaging conversations with loved ones and nurturing relationships, which do not necessarily require wealth. To achieve such rest requires moderation between work and personal time.

While money can facilitate certain aspects of rest by providing comfort, opportunities, and experiences, it cannot buy true rest’s essence. Inner peace, personal time and quality relationships are vital components that money alone cannot guarantee. Additionally, the warmth and support given by family, which can be regarded as a means of rest, cannot be replaced by money. Moreover, balancing working hours and personal time can make us more productive. Pondering whether financial resources guarantee true restfulness is highly recommended.

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