Kiang Wu Hospital completes 6 surgeries with robotic arm system

2023-09-06 03:16
BY Yuki Lei

The private Kiang Wu Hospital has become the first to adopt the Hugo robotic-assisted surgery system in Macau, which, Principal Deputy Hospital Director Cheung Chun Wing revealed during a press conference yesterday, has already assisted in six surgeries involving radical prostatectomy and colorectal cancer since it was put into operation last month.

Dr Cheung, chief of the hospital’s Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care and consultant in respiratory medicine, said that the system changes the traditional method of surgery, during which the doctor now just needs to sit in front of a computer console next to the operating table to control the robotic arm throughout the operation, with the use of its high-definition magnified 3D stereoscopic view of the surgical site, adding that the system greatly relieved the fatigue caused by conventional surgery demanding continuous standing, thereby making it easier to complete complex surgeries.

According to Dr Cheung, who made the remarks in a speech during the press conference, the robotic arm simulates the hand movements of a doctor to assist in surgical operations, with the console completely separated from the operating table.

The system not only has the minimally invasive advantages of endoscopic technology, but also is “more accurate, minimally invasive and flexible”, Dr Cheung said, adding that in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the system not only represents the high-end level of today’s medical development, but also the general trend of the development of minimally invasive surgical technology.

According to the hospital’s plan, the system will gradually be applied to gynaecology, hepatobiliary (pertaining to, or originating in the liver, bile ducts and gall bladder) and pancreatic surgery, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery and paediatric surgery among other specialised fields next year.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of yesterday’s press conference, Deputy Director Chan Tai Ip revealed that gynaecologists will go to Taiwan to have relevant training in October. He noted that the new system cost more than 20 million patacas.

According to the Medtronic website, “the Hugo™ RAS system was designed with surgeons around the world to make more possible in robotic-assisted surgery.” Medtronic is a US medical device company. Its operational and executive headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while its legal headquarters are in Ireland.

Kiang Wu Hospital Principal Deputy Hospital Director Cheung Chun Wing, who also heads the hospital’s Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care and is a consultant in respiratory medicine, delivers a speech during yesterday’s press conference about its Hugo robotic-assisted surgery system. – Photo: Yuki Lei

This undated handout photo provided by Kiang Wu Hospital during yesterday’s press conference shows its first Hugo robotic-assisted surgery system, which is new to Macau.


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