IAM boosts cleaning of street vendor areas to fight COVID-19

2020-02-14 04:31     Comment:0

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) said in a statement yesterday that in order to decrease the risk of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading around local communities, it is boosting cleaning and disinfecting work around local public facilities, now also including areas for street vendors.

According to the statement, the measures are to protect residents and vendors’ safety and environmental hygiene when using public facilities during the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

The bureau has hired a local cleaning company to clean the street vendor areas periodically with diluted bleach, as the areas are often crowded with shoppers and vendors.

Since Wednesday, the company has cleaned and disinfected Rua da Emenda, Rua do Lu Cao, Rua do Rebanho, Rua de Brás da Rosa and Rua de Tomé Pires, the statement noted.

At the same time, the bureau urges vendors to ensure the environmental hygiene of their areas and not to dispose of rubbish randomly.

The bureau pledged in the statement that it will keep a close eye on the COVID-19 situation.

A cleaner disinfects a street vendor area yesterday. Photo: IAM

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