2 Filipino sex workers rob ‘dissatisfied’ Taiwan client: police

2019-05-14 08:00     Comment:1

The police arrested two Philippine sex workers in Taipa on Saturday for robbing a male client from Taiwan who was dissatisfied with their “poor service”, Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesman Lai Man Wai announced in a special press conference on Sunday.

According to Lai, the two suspects comprise a transsexual and a cross dresser.

According to Lai, both are from the Philippines. The transsexual, aged 23, is surnamed Macaspac, who told the police that she is unemployed. The cross-dressing suspect, aged 20, surnamed Bogo, told the police that he is businessman. He also said that he was still undergoing sex reassignment surgery. The victim is a male customer from the Taiwan region, Lai added.

The incident happened on Friday night when the Taiwan man used a mobile phone application to search for “transsexual sex services”. Initially, he struck a HK$1,500 deal with one of the two suspects for sex in a hotel room in Taipa. However, the sex worker arrived at the room with the second suspect.

The client told the duo that he was willing to pay them HK$2,000 to have sex with him together. However, the Taiwanese was dissatisfied with the service and abruptly put an end to it, according to Lai.

Lai said the client immediately paid the duo HK$2,000 and asked them to leave the guestroom at once, but both demanded that he pay them HK$2,000 each. The client rejected the demand.

According to Lai, the duo then started to fight with the customer and robbed his wallet, which contained about 7,300 patacas, and ran away. The victim reported the case to the police with the assistance of his family members. The victim claimed he believed that both sex workers were females, Lai said.

Police officers quickly identified the suspects who were arrested in another guestroom of the same hotel on Saturday. The police found the victim’s wallet still containing the 7,300 patacas in the room booked by the suspects.

Lai said that the suspects were transferred to the Public Prosecution Office (MP) on Sunday for possible arraignments on a robbery charge each. The police are still investigating if the duo were controlled by a prostitution gang, Lai added.

Judiciary Police (PJ) officers escort the suspected sex workers-cum-robbers from the Philippines to a PJ van outside the PJ headquarters in Zape on Sunday. Photo: Iong Tat Choi


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