GEG Supports Local Troupe to Showcase Their Talents at Broadway Theatre

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Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) is committed to fostering the development of Macau’s arts and culture. Over the years, GEG has supported numerous local arts and cultural activities with aims of enriching Macau’s appeal as a cultural tourism destination and contributing to the city’s positioning as a World Center of Tourism and Leisure. Recently, GEG supported a local troupe in performing their original play “When bitters finished, the sweetness begins” at the Broadway Theatre of Broadway MacauTM.

Broadway Theatre, Broadway Macau

Produced by the Frost Ice Snow Creative Experimental Theatre and the Drama Society of University of Macau Students’ Union, the play tells the story of a father’s success in overcoming his personal struggle with his daughter amid a series of national events and aims at spreading the message for unity and encouragement for young people to contribute to their society. Having started its nationwide tour at the end of last year, the play returned home with the tremendous support from GEG.

Professional Stage

To help the troupe deliver their best performance to the local audience, apart from sponsoring the venue, GEG also provided the troupe with an array of technical, administrative and marketing support and advice. Ms. Margaret Lam, the producer, director, and script writer of the play, believes that the troupe was able to enhance their performance because of GEG’s assistance. 

Ms. Margaret Lam

“GEG was the first integrated resort operator to support us by offering a professional theatre for our performance,” said Ms. Lam. “Broadway Theatre, with its capacity of 3,000 seats, was the largest venue that we had ever performed in, and a new challenge for us. Fortunately, GEG’s technical team was there for us, and they selflessly shared their world-class show management and operating experiences, and guided us on their precise techniques on utilizing their different equipment, which helped further improve the quality of our play, and for this, we are very grateful.” 

Unforgettable Experience

Ms. Anita Seak, a leading actress of the play, also agreed that Broadway Theatre’s professional stage equipment has helped enhance the audiences’ experience. She said, “With Broadway Theatre’s large LED screen, we were able to integrate our play with an animation that was tailored-made particularly for our Macau show. Coupled with the venue’s stunning lighting system, the stage effect came out spectacular, which was exactly what we strove to deliver for our audience.” She added that Broadway Theatre is an excellent platform for local artists to showcase their talents. With the theatre’s professional offering, it can help broaden the horizon and vision of local artists. 

Ms. Anita Seak (left) and Ms. Athanasy Lam (right)

Meanwhile, Ms. Athanasy Lam, another leading actress of the play, found the experience of performing at Broadway Theatre unforgettable. “I feel honored to be able to perform at a professional theatre. This is a kind of enjoyment for all performers. While the schedule of Macau’s publicly-run theatres are relatively full, support from large-scale corporations, such as GEG, will enable local artists to develop their potential, and allow the public to understand more about arts and culture,” she said. 

Students Invited to the Play to Expand Their Horizons

In line with the play’s theme of “Unite as One”, tickets were distributed free-of-charge to different local schools and social services associations to create opportunities for teenagers to expand their horizons. GEG also invited students from the Lui Che Woo College of the University of Macau to watch the play. 

Students from Lui Che Woo College, University of Macau

Ms. Yuki Deng, a senior-year student majoring in civil engineering, perceives this as a great move to promote local arts and culture and for the play being performed at Broadway Theatre. She said, “I came to support this play as I am interested in drama. I have some experience doing backstage work for the Student Drama Club. Most young people don’t find arts or cultural activities appealing, which make these activities unpopular in Macau. As such, I think that the support of large-scale corporations helps facilitate the development of the industry and on this occasion for instance, sponsoring Broadway Theatre gives a good opportunity for Macau’s artists and creators to showcase their talents.”

With so many talented artists and musicians in Macau, GEG has supported a number of different arts and cultural activities and provided opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents, enhance their experiences and increase their confidences. In the future, GEG will continue to support the development of local arts and cultural industries through various means.

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