Septuagenarian hangs himself in car park: police

2020-06-30 01:38     Comment:0

The Judiciary Police (PJ) received a report from the Public Security Police (PSP) yesterday at about 6:51 a.m. that a man was believed to have committed suicide by hanging himself in a car park on the third floor of Concordia Square 1 in Rua Oito do Bairro Iao Hon, according to a message from PJ spokesman Cheong Kam Fai.

The deceased is a local man in his seventies surnamed Chang.

According to the message, a resident discovered a man hanging with a rope around his neck in the residential building’s car park early yesterday and immediately asked the building management to call the police. Firefighters rushed to the scene and confirmed that the man was dead.

A family member who lived with the deceased in the building told the police that Chang was still at home at 5 a.m., but was informed by the building management and PSP officers at about 6:45 a.m. that Chang’s body had been found in the car park, according to the message.

According to a preliminary investigation, Chang sustained injuries to his neck, which were consistent with the probable cause of death. He hanged himself with a nylon rope.

A forensic examination will be carried out. The case has been referred to the PJ Investigation Section for follow-up, according to Cheong’s message. 
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