IAM reminds owners to handle dog poo properly during coronavirus threat

2020-02-10 00:17     Comment:0

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has reminded pet owners to properly handle dog faeces during the current novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

According to a statement released yesterday, in the wake of the novelcoronavirus pneumonia threat the bureau has adopted a string of new measures to further strengthen the city’s environmental hygiene.

In addition to strengthening street cleaning and hygiene inspections,the bureau has also sent some of its officials to various districts in the city to brief dog owners on its strengthened street hygiene measures. The officials are also handing out dog potty pads free of charge and leaflets on how toproperly handle dog faeces.

The statement urged pet owners to carry items that can clean up dog waste, such as dog potty pads or old newspapers when they take their canines out for a walk.

The statements reaffirmed that dog faeces should be properly wrapped and placed in dog excreta collection bins or other garbage collection facilities to keep public places clean and reduce street cleaners’ workload.


In addition, the statement quoted the World Health Organisation (WHO) as stating that there is currently no scientific evidence that pets such as cats and dogs could be infected with the novel coronavirus, and so far no cases of such transmission to feline and canine pets have been confirmed. 

Therefore, pet owners do not have to worry too much, according to the statement, as long as they maintain good personal hygiene, wash their hands with soap after touching their pets, pay attention to the hygiene of their pets and regularly clean and disinfect the places where their pets are being fed.

The statement urged residents not to believe rumours that they could be infected with the novel coronavirus by their pets – and therefore they should not abandon them.

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