Vegetable imports reach ‘historical record’ today: govt

2020-02-05 22:47     Comment:0

 A large amount of vegetables, meat, fish and other foodstuff -  totalling 759 tonnes excluding live pigs and eggs - arrived in Macau today, including a record amount of fresh vegetables, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) said in a statement.

 According to the statement, the  food supplies that arrived today included about 315 tonnes of fresh vegetables, 242 live pigs, 350 tonnes of frozen meat,60 tonnes of fruit, 34 tonnes of fish, and about 440,000 eggs.

According to the statement, the 315 tonnes of fresh vegetables are a “historical record”. The statement underlined that the number of 242 pigs that arrived for slaughter yesterday was “more than normal”.

 The bureau insisted that the novel coronavirus epidemic has had “no impact” on the city’s fresh food supplies.

The statement came in the wake of a run on supermarkets on Tuesday apparently caused by online rumours that the government would close the city’s borders over the novel coronavirus crisis –despite repeated reassurances by the government to the contrary. Macau virtually imports all the goods sold locally.

 The bureau stressed that it is working with food suppliers to ensure the steady distribution and stable prices of food supplies for the local market.

IAM inspectors also continued today with their routine quarantine procedures for food supplies upon arrival to ensure local citizens’ food safety, the statement noted.



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