Xi says HK violence threatens ‘One Country, Two Systems’

2019-11-15 08:00     Comment:1

BEIJING/BRASÍLIA – The unrest in Hong Kong has “seriously challenged” the “One Country, Two Systems” principle governing the special administrative region, President Xi Jinping said yesterday in comments reported by state media.

Anti-government rioters choked the city with barricades and rallies for a fourth straight day yesterday, days after a policeman shot a student protester with a live round who apparently had tried to snatch his handgun and a man expressing pro-Beijing views was set on fire by protesters. Both were still in hospital yesterday.

Xi said Beijing “firmly supports” Hong Kong’s government and police and that “stopping violence and controlling chaos while restoring order is currently Hong Kong’s most urgent task,” the People’s Daily reported.

Recent actions by protesters have “seriously challenged the baseline principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’”, Xi said on the wave of violence by radical protesters in Hong Kong during this year’s summit of BRICS countries in the Brazilian capital of Brasília. The 11th summit of the 5-nation bloc ended yesterday.

Xi said the continuous violent activities in Hong Kong seriously trample its rule of law and social order, seriously disturb Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, and seriously challenge the “One Country, Two Systems” bottom line.

He reiterated that it remains the most pressing task for Hong Kong to bring violence and chaos to an end and restore order.

“We will continue to firmly support the chief executive in leading the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government to govern in accordance with the law, firmly support the Hong Kong police in strictly enforcing the law, and firmly support the Hong Kong judicial bodies in severely punishing the violent criminals in accordance with the law,” Xi said.

Xi pointed out that the central government has the unswerving determination to protect national sovereignty, security and development interests, implement the “One Country, Two Systems” policy and oppose any external force in interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs.

Analysts noted that it is very rare for China’s top leaders to talk about their country’s internal issues while visiting a foreign country.

Anti-government protests, rioting, arson attacks and vandalism have rocked Hong Kong for nearly six months. Fake news and activists pretending to be journalists have also become a major issue in Hong Kong. 

Initially focused on opposition to a proposed extradition law, radical protesters are now calling for a “colour revolution”. Some have been waving US and UK flags and urged US President Donald Trump to “liberate” Hong Kong.  – AFP, Xinhua, MPD

President Xi Jinping arrives for the 11th BRICS Summit at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasília yesterday. – AFP

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