Govt removes 2 tonnes of rubbish from Sai Van waterfront

2019-08-28 08:05     Comment:0

The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) said in a statement that cleaners removed two tonnes of rubbish along the waterfront near Macau Tower and near the peninsula’s entrance to Macau-Taipa Sai Van Bridge yesterday morning, pointing out that the rubbish even included a fridge dumped in the sea.

The statement said that because of yesterday morning’s low tide of just one metre most parts of the levee along the waterfront were above the water surface, an ideal situation for workers to remove rubbish along the coast accumulated over time.

The statement said that consequently the bureau had ordered a company – to which the government has outsourced its waterfront clean-ups – to remove the rubbish scattered on the levee along the waterfront near Macau Tower and the peninsula’s entrance to Sai Van Bridge.

According to the statement, the rubbish removed by the company’s workers during yesterday morning’s operation included plant materials such as wood and bamboo, as well as different kinds of rubbish created by humans such as plastic products. The rubbish even included a fridge, the statement said, adding that the waste removed from the waterfront weighed a total of 2,000 kilogrammes.

The statement said that the bureau would continue to carry out marine clean-ups regularly, adding that if residents notice rubbish floating in the sea or lying along the waterfront or on beaches, they should tell the bureau about it by calling 6618 8644. In the statement, the bureau urged residents and maritime sector staff not to throw rubbish into the sea.

Workers remove rubbish from the levee outside Macau Tower yesterday morning. Photos: DSAMA

This photo taken yesterday morning shows some of the rubbish, including a fridge, removed from the waterfront near Sai Van Bridge.

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