Tourist sets 13 motorbikes alight after quarrelling with his mum: police

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The Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested a man from the mainland yesterday for setting a row of motorcycles on fire as a way to vent his anger after a heated argument with his mother, which resulted in 13 of the vehicles being burnt, PJ spokesman Chan Wun Man said during a special press conference yesterday.

The motorbikes were parked opposite the former CEM power station in Avenida de Venceslau de Morais.

PJ officers arrested the suspect several hours after the arson case, which occurred in the early hours of yesterday, thanks to the police’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in the area where the crime was committed and in the areas where the suspect ran after setting the motorcycles alight.

Chan identified the suspect as a 29-yearold surnamed Yang from the northern city of Shaoguan in Guangdong province.

The suspect came to Macau with his mother as tourists last Thursday and during their visit were staying in their relatives’ home in Toi San district, Chan said.

According to Chan, a resident living in Hantec Building – a residential high-rise in front of which the motorcycles were parked – reported at around 12:30 a.m. yesterday that the some of the vehicles were on fire. Firefighters rushed to the scene and quickly
extinguished the blaze.

Firemen said that six motorcycles were completely gutted by the blaze while seven were partially burned.

According to Chan, firemen discovered a partially-burnt yellow jacket besides the row of motorcycles which they suspected was related to the fire. They decided to transfer the case to the Judiciary Police for further investigation, Chan said. No one was injured in the fire.

After scrutinising CCTV footage, PJ officers identified the suspected arsonist and were able to see the route which he took to flee the crime scene, according to Chan. 

PJ officers arrested Yang in Nape at around 4 a.m. yesterday – three or four hours after the arson case, Chan said.

Under questioning, Yang admitted that he had set the motorcycles alight. He told PJ officers that he had had multiple arguments with his mother during their stay in Macau over trivial matters such as meals, Chan said.

According to Chan, Yang had a quarrel with his mother again about what to eat when they were walking near the area where the motorcycles were parked. His mother left there after the argument became heated.

Overcome by anger, Yang took off his yellow jacket, wrapped it around pieces of rubbish, put it next to the row of motorcycles, and then ignited it with his lighter, as a way of venting his anger, before leaving the scene, according to Chan.

The police have meanwhile been able to contact the owners of eight of the 13 motorcycles. They reported losses totalling 67,000 patacas, Chan said.

Chan said that Yang would be transferred to the Public Prosecution Office (MP) for possible arraignment on an arson charge.

If found guilty, the suspect faces a prison term of up to 10 years, according to Article 264 of the Macau Penal Code.

Firemen check the burnt motorcycles opposite the former CEM power station in Avenida de Venceslau de Morais in the early hours of yesterday after a male mainlander set them alight as a way of venting his anger following a heated quarrel with his mother. Photo: Iong Tat Choi


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