Super Typhoon hits Macau with maximum force

Source:The Macau Post Daily/MacauNews

2018-09-16 16:12     Comment:1

Macau authorities will hoist at 11 AM on Sunday typhoon signal 10 – the highest category in the city’s six-level typhoon warning system.

Satellite images show that typhoon Mangkhut is currently located 180 km southeast of Macau and will continue to affect the territory during Sunday with heavy rain.

The typhoon with winds of more than 100 km/h is moving to the western coast of Guangdong province.

Gaming operations in the six concessionaires and sub-concessionaries in Macao casinos have been suspended since Saturday night, in view of the impact of Typhoon Mangkhut.

The Macau International Airport closed Saturday night for all flights. Meanwhile, jetfoils to Hong Kong and Mainland China have been suspended.

The borders between Macau and Mainland China (Portas do Cerco and Lotus Bridge) are also closed.

The 3 bridges linking the peninsula of Macau to Taipa island are closed and urgent travel can only be carried through a tunnel under the Sai Van bridge.

Buses have also stopped running and the city is almost without any traffic.

The Government’s civil protection system issued a “Red” storm surge warning in relation to rain storms indicating floodwater levels are likely to be 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres above road level.

The government has evacuated residents from the low-lying areas near the Inner Harbour where approximately 21,000 people live.

A government network of 16 emergency shelters across Macao have been open since Saturday night. The centres have a capacity for an aggregate of 24,000 people.

Fifteen public car parks were closed.

Meanwhile the government has made available, free of charge, more than 1,820 spaces for private vehicles and motorcycles. The spaces are located, respectively, in car parks of public departments, higher education institutes, public-sector schools and public housing estates.

Hotel resorts have also provided 2,270 spaces for private cars in order to fulfil public demand for safe parking during the typhoon period.

Hundreds of fishing boats are sheltered at the Inner Harbour.

In August 2017 typhoon Hato hit Macau killing 10 people and causing billions of patacas in damage.

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