Woman on zebra crossing hit by van

2018-01-16 08:00     Comment:0

A local woman in her seventies was hit by a van yesterday when she was on a zebra crossing in Lam Mau Tong district, the Public Security Police (PSP) said yesterday.

The police said that the male driver of the van is a non-resident worker. The police said they were investigating whether he was illegally working as a driver.

The hiring of non-local drivers – both for passenger and goods vehicles – is banned by the government.

According to the police, the accident happened at around 2 p.m. in Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau. The van hit the woman when she was walking across a zebra crossing in the avenue on the western waterfront of the peninsula connecting the Inner Harbour area to Fai Chi Kei.

The victim, who was profusely bleeding from a head wound, was rushed to the public Conde de Sao Januario Hospital Centre for emergency treatment, the police said.

The police said that the driver, who passed a breathalyser test, failed to give way to the woman on the zebra crossing.

A PSP spokesperson told The Macau Post Daily last night that the victim, who was being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU), was not in a life-threatening condition following emergency treatment.

Last Wednesday, a local woman on a zebra crossing was killed in a pile-up involving a bus and four cars in Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira. The victim in her sixties was among a group of pedestrians crossing the road with a white car stopped at the zebra crossing. Suddenly a New Era bus accelerated from behind and crashed into the back of the car pushing it forward several metres. The white car hit and ran over the woman before hitting another car in front which ricocheted into another car, causing that car to hit the one in front of it. The domino effect caused a five vehicle pileup.

According to reports from local Chinese-language media, the 32-year-old bus driver allegedly accidently hit the accelerator when the accident occurred.

New Era later confirmed that the driver is a casino employee who worked part-time for the bus operator.

The government reacted to the fatal accident by banning the city’s three public bus companies from employing part-time drivers.

This photo taken last night from a Facebook group sharing local traffic updates shows the scene of the city’s second zebra crossing accident in five days. The photo shows the van, which caused the accident, and the victim, pixelated, lying in a pool of blood close to the zebra crossing.


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