Group stresses young people’s competitiveness

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Lawmaker-cum-SJM executive Angela Leong On Kei said yesterday that her group was placing special emphasis on policies for Macau’s continued economic development while improving young people’s competitiveness.

Leong leads the New Macau Development Union (NUDM), No. 14 on Sunday’s direct election ballot.

Leong’s list comprises 12 candidates. Prominent developer William Kuan Vai Lam is the group’s second-ranked candidate.

This is the fourth time Leong is standing in the direct election. She is a three-term legislator while Kwan ran in the direct election under the banner of Caring Macau four years ago, but failed to win a seat.

Leong and Kuan spoke to The Macau Post Daily yesterday at L’Arc Macau in Nape.

Leong said she decided to run for re-election as she “still has many tasks to do” in the legislature.

Leong said her group’s political platform covers a wide range of topics, pointing out that her group’s candidates come from various segments in civil society, such as the business sector, social work, sport, education, and medical services.

Pointing out that a number of candidates in her group are young people, Leong said the structure of her group would help attract voters from different sectors. “I think this is our advantage in the election,” she said.

Leong said her group’s platform emphasises policies for the city’s economic development, adding that her group also aims to enhance the well-being of local residents.

Leong said she would possibly not run in the 2021 election as she would like to give young people the opportunity to participate in the legislature.

Leong said her group would work towards a harmonious civil society, economic development and improvement in residents’ lives, as opposed to others “just shouting slogans” in the legislature.

Pointing out that he founded the Macau Responsible Gaming Association five years ago, Kuan said he has been pushing to prevent young local people from becoming addicted to gambling.

Pointing out that Leong has been a legislator for 12 years, Kuan said her work in the legislature and civil society has been widely recognised.

Kuan said he has been participating in areas such as sports, culture and youth work for 20 years, adding he decided to join Leong’s group with the aim of bringing voices from different segments to the legislature.

Leong said her group proposes free tertiary education for local residents.

Leong said she was confident of being re-elected, adding her group aimed to win two seats.

The first-ranked candidate of the New Macau Development Union (NUDM), Angela Leong On Kei (left), and the second-ranked candidate, William Kuan Vai Lam, pose at L’Arc Macau in Nape yesterday. Photo: Iong Tat Choi


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