Group wants public to get 10 pct of casino revenue

2017-09-08 08:00     Comment:0

Lawmaker Si Ka Lon says his group, the Macau United Citizens Association (ACUM), No. 9 on the ballot, is proposing that the government set up a fund into which at least 10 percent of the city’s gaming revenues are funneled to be shared with the general public.

Si heads the group while Kyan Su Lone, a newcomer and businessman, is the second-ranked candidate. Si’s group comprises 10 candidates.

Speaking to The Macau Post Daily on Wednesday when his group was canvassing support from residents in Ilha Verde district, Si said residents could not share the success of Macau’s economic development, adding that the government should “give some of the money back to residents”.

Si said the fund could be used to help residents buy critical illness insurance, adding that his group was also proposing an increase in the government’s old-age pension from 3,450 to 5,000 per month.

Lawmakers Chan Meng Kam, Si and Becky Song Pek Kei are board members of the Alliance for Common People Building Up Macau (API). Chan, a prominent leader of the city’s sizeable Fujianese community, who garnered the highest number of votes in the direct election four years ago, is not seeking re-election while Si and Song are leading two separate lists set up by Chan’s alliance.

Song heads the Macau Citizens Development Association (ACDM), No. 8 on the ballot. It comprises 10 candidates.
Asked by The Macau Post Daily if his alliance has any strategy to share votes with Song’s group, Si said some of his alliance’s supporters had asked him which group they should vote for. Si said he had told them that they should decide based on which group they liked more.

However, Si was quick to add that his alliance’s strategy is that Si is mainly fighting for votes from the logistic sector’s support as he had worked in the sector before. As Song has handled many property management issues, she is mainly targeting voters from that sector, according to Si.

Si also told The Macau Post Daily that he moved from Fujian to Macau when he was six years old, adding that when he won a seat in the legislature in the last direct election four years ago, he gave up all of his businesses and devoted himself to being a full-time lawmaker.

Lawmaker Si Ka Lon (third from left), who heads the Macau United Citizens Association (ACUM), No. 9 on the ballot, and fellow candidates pose on Wednesday at Nam Yue Wholesale Market in Ilha Verde. Photo: Debby Seng


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