Eat at Azucar,pay with OCBC Wing Hang Bank to help blind see again

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Global sight-saving organisation Orbis regularly hosts fund-raising events and “Darkness To Go” is one of its Macau office’s main campaigns this year that invites the whole community to take part in helping people around the world who are needlessly blind to see again.

Following the success of Orbis Macau’s “Darkness To Go” campaign last year, over 60 businesses have joined the campaign this year where you only need to dine or shop at the designated retailers, and those business owners will make donations to Orbis on your behalf.

Dessert parlour Azucar is among dozens of businesses that are participating in the campaign for the second time because being able to help visually impaired people see again is very good cause.

An Azucar representative said that they have much respect for the Orbis medical team of volunteers to fly to different places to help save people’s sight, and so by taking part in the campaign, they hope to raise funds through their business and allow more people to understand Orbis’ sight-saving mission.

For the campaign, Azucar has especially created the “Charcoal Froyo Ice-cream”, where the charcoal symbolises the darkness that blind people live in, and although black, the ice-cream has a fruity flavour, and each day there will be a different fruit flavour, symbolising the surprise that Orbis brings to blind people when they can see again.

The word froyo is a clipping of frozen yogurt.

From now until August 20, Azucar will donate 20 patacas to Orbis for every order of “Charcoal Froyo Ice-cream, or Azucar’s signature “Molten Lava Cake with Möven pick Ice-cream”, or the classic “Mango Sago with Pomelo”.

OCBC Wing Hang Bank is a long-time supporter of Orbis because the organisation is one of very few whose mission is to help those suffering from visual impairment.

“Vision is important in life,” an OCBC Wing Hang Bank representative said, explaining that treating visual impairment can help people and their family resume a normal life.

Since 2007, the bank has been partnering with the organisation by issuing the Orbis Charity Credit Card where the bank donates 0.3 percent of the spending on each transaction to Orbis.

During the “Darkness To Go” campaign period, the bank is doubling up its donation on the credit card spending to 0.6 percent.

Through this donation method, Orbis Charity Credit Card holders can use their card to spend on things they like and at the same time bring happiness to those who are able to see again through Orbis’ sight-saving projects around the world.
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