Govt presents certification awards to 24 qualified tech firms

2024-05-15 03:27     BY Tony Wong    Comment:1

The government yesterday presented awards to 24 local tech companies that have been granted official certification recognising their respective abilities to engage in technological innovation.

Yesterday’s award-presentation ceremony was held at the World Trade Centre Macau (WTCM) in Zape.

The Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) launched a certification programme for local tech companies last year with the aim of boosting the development of the city’s high-tech industry.

The programme aims to help highly-qualified companies engaged in technological innovation expand their businesses through the bureau’s granting of official certification.

Local tech companies meeting the official criteria can apply to obtain the certification from the bureau.

The programme aims to encourage local businesses to engage in technological innovation and attract technology companies outside Macau to set up businesses here.

The certification programme identifies highly-qualified local tech companies through an evaluation system, providing them with different levels of official certification in order to encourage them to expand their businesses.

The programme covers locally-registered companies which have engaged in technological innovation as their main business activity in Macau for at least one year.

Potential beneficiaries can file their applications to the bureau in two periods every year, namely in May or November.

An evaluation committee set up by the bureau assesses applications submitted by companies based on various factors, such as their business activities, the size of their business, their research and development, and the level of innovation in their business activities.

The programme comprises three levels of certification awarded to technology companies depending on the scores given by the evaluation committee.

The three levels of certification, from the lowest to highest level, are “Potential Technology Company”, “Growing Technology Company”, and “Leading Technology Company”.

The certifications are valid for three years. Upon expiry, the companies will have to reapply to be awarded certification again.

According to DSEDT’s previous announcements, 39 companies filed their application during the 2023 May submission period, 15 of which were awarded the certification in October last year after the evaluation committee’s assessments, comprising 12 “Potential Technology Companies” and three “Leading Technology Companies”.

During the 2023 November submission period, 36 companies filed their application, 10 of which were awarded the certification in March this year, comprising eight “Potential Technology Companies” and two “Leading Technology Companies”, according to previous DSEDT announcements.

One of the companies that obtained a “Potential Technology Company” award in October last year was granted a “Leading Technology Company” in March this year, i.e., an elevation.

Consequently, 24 local tech companies have been awarded the certification, comprising 19 “Potential Technology Companies” and five “Leading Technology Companies”.

The bureau held a ceremony yesterday where Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong  presented the five “Leading Technology Companies” awards, while DSEDT Director Tai Kin Ip presented the 19 “Potential Technology Companies” awards.

Potential beneficiaries can now submit their applications until May 31.

Delivering a speech during yesterday’s ceremony, Lei said that the certification programme aims to enable Macau to make achievements in its ongoing appropriate economic diversification drive.

Lei also said that the 24 companies awarded the certification currently have nearly 1,000 employees, generating annual revenues amounting to 2.3 billion patacas. 

Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong delivers a speech during yesterday’s ceremony at the World Trade Centre Macau presenting certification awards to 24 qualified local tech companies. – Photo: DSEDT

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