Xi brings 3 messages from China for visit to France

2024-05-06 03:36     Comment:8

PARIS – President Xi Jinping said in his signed article published in French media Le Figaro yesterday that he will visit France bringing with him three messages from China.

China will work with France to carry forward the spirit that guided the establishment of their diplomatic ties, build on past achievements and open new vistas for China-France relations, he said, adding that China will open even wider to the world and deepen cooperation with France and other countries, and that China will strengthen communication and coordination with France to uphold world peace and stability.

With the establishment of China-France relations, a bridge of communication between the East and West was built, and the international relations were able to evolve in the direction of dialogue and cooperation, he said.

“We welcome investment by companies from France and other countries to China,” he said, adding that to this end, “we have fully opened up China’s manufacturing sector, and will move faster to expand market access to telecom, medical and other services.”

“France is advancing re-industrialization based on green innovation, whereas China is accelerating the development of new quality productive forces. Our two countries can deepen cooperation on innovation and jointly promote green development,” he said.

On the Ukraine crisis, “China hopes that peace and stability will return to Europe at an early date. We stand ready to work with France and the whole international community to find a reasonable way out of the crisis,” Xi said.

“China and France have many things in common on the Palestine-Israel issue. It is thus critical that we strengthen cooperation and help restore peace in the Middle East,” he said, noting that “both China and France value independence as two major countries. Our interactions in the long course of history have released tremendous energy swaying the trajectory of the world.”  – Xinhua

President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan wave while disembarking from their plane upon their arrival for two-day state visit to France, at Orly airport, south of Paris, yesterday. – AFP

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