Police nab 2 drunken motorists in Taipa & Nape

2024-04-03 03:35     BY Yuki Lei    Comment:0

Public Security Police (PSP) spokeswoman Kong Chi Ian announced yesterday the separate arrest of two drunken male motorists last week, whose alcohol concentrations were 2.23 grams and 2.71 grams of alcohol per litre of blood respectively.

During a regular press conference yesterday at a PSP press room in Zape, Kong identified the two suspects in their thirties as a student holding a South African passport surnamed Els and a local driver surnamed Cheang.

In the first case, according to Kong, upon receiving information about an accident on Avenida Marginal Flor de Lótus in Taipa on Thursday afternoon, PSP officers were dispatched to the scene, where they found an injured motorcycle rider, four damaged water-filled barriers and a damaged flashlight on the road.

The rider was taken to the public Conde de S. Januário Hospital Centre by ambulance, where he was given a breathalyser test which showed that his alcohol concentration was 2.23 grams of alcohol per litre of blood, Kong added.

Under questioning, the suspect, Els, admitted that he had consumed alcoholic beverages at his home earlier that day and that he crashed the motorcycle into the water-filled barriers on the road, causing him to fall off his motorcycle and sustain injuries.

In the other case, the Public Security Police received a report from a member of the public on Sunday morning, saying that a car was parked on Avenida Dr Sun Yat-Sen in Nape, obstructing the traffic, Kong said, adding that upon arrival at the scene, PSP officers found the driver sleeping in the car with its engine running. The driver underwent a blood test which showed an alcohol blood concentration of 2.71 grams of alcohol per litre of blood.

Under questioning, the suspect, Cheang, admitted that he had consumed alcoholic beverages nearby after parking the car on Avenida Dr Sun Yat-Sen and then had fallen asleep in the driver’s seat.

Kong noted that both Els and Cheang have been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) for further questioning and possible arraignment on drunk-driving charges. 

This handout photo provided by the Public Security Police (PSP) yesterday shows a local driver, caught for drunk-driving, escorted by a PSP officer to the Traffic Police Department on Sunday.

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