55,000 students now enrolled in tertiary education in Macau

2024-02-27 02:33     BY Ginnie Liang    Comment:0

The number of students enrolled in tertiary education in Macau has increased by more than 60 percent from about 34,000 in the 2018/2019 academic year to about 55,000 in the current 2023/2024 academic year, while the proportion of postgraduate students has risen from 25.5 percent to 39 percent during the same period, the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) said in its recent reply to lawmaker Lei Chan U’s written interpellation.

Lawmaker Lei Chan U called for the internationalisation and marketisation of the city’s higher education in a written interpellation submitted to the government last month, and the reply from DSEDJ was sent to the media recently.

According to the bureau, several tertiary education institutions in Macau have been ranked among the top universities in the world, with their ranking rising continuously, indicating that the teaching quality and research standards of tertiary education in the city are being recognised among neighbouring regions and internationally.

The bureau said it will step up promotion on a global level to attract more foreign students to study in Macau and expand the number of international students studying in Macau.

The bureau also said it will encourage tertiary education institutions in Macau to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the international arena, and attract renowned or experienced teaching and research personnel to Macau, with a view to enhancing the internationalisation of Macau’s tertiary education sector. 

Lei also asked the bureau about cross-institutional collaboration in Macau. The bureau said in its reply that the Macau Academic Library Alliance E-Resources Centre and Alliance for Cultivating Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Talents, have been formed by local tertiary institutions in conjunction with the bureau, so that the resources and advantages of Macau’s tertiary education institutions can be combined. 

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