Taipa land auction for 2 plots receives just 1 bid for 1 plot

2023-09-27 03:16     BY Tony Wong    Comment:0

No bid has been received for the government’s land auction of a plot in central Taipa known as BT8, while only one bid has been submitted for the adjacent plot known as BT9a, as the two auctions’ bidding deadlines ended at 12 p.m. yesterday, the Lands and Urban Construction Bureau (DSSCU) announced in a statement yesterday.

Both plots are earmarked for residential projects.

The government launched the two land auctions early last month.

The adjacent plots are located between the Nam San Garden residential estate and the Nova Taipa Garden residential estate.

Plot BT8, which covers an area of 3,509 square metres, has a reserve price of 1.136 billion patacas, while Plot BT9a, which covers an area of 3,225 square metres, has a reserve price of 777 million patacas.

The bid for Plot BT9a’s land auction will be unsealed at 3 p.m. today.

Macau had not held land auctions since 2008, according to previous news reports.

According to the current Land Law, which took effect in 2014, all new land concessions must be awarded via open tender except when public interest is involved.

The two land auctions were the first held since the new Land Law took effect. 

This photo taken last month shows the long-idle Plot BT9a in central Taipa.
– Photo: Tony Wong

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