Cotai healthcare complex’s rehabilitation hospital project to start at year-end

2023-07-26 05:21     BY Tony Wong    Comment:0

The Public Works Bureau (DSOP) said in a statement yesterday that it expects the construction of a rehabilitation hospital, i.e., the second phase of the Cotai hospital complex, to get off the ground at the end of this year.

The government launched a public tender last month for the project. Potential bidders were required to submit their quotations by Monday.

Only one construction company had submitted its bid, which was unsealed by DSOP officials yesterday. The bid was accepted.

According to yesterday’s DSOP statement, the bid proposes a construction cost of 1.678 billion patacas.

The bureau has set a maximum period of 1,020 working days for the winning bidder to complete the project.

Yesterday’s statement said that the bid proposes a construction period of 969 working days.

The Cotai hospital complex, officially known as Islands Healthcare Complex, is scheduled to start operating in December this year.

The large-scale Cotai hospital project has two phases – six buildings in the first phase and one in the second phase.

The construction of all the six buildings in the Cotai hospital complex’s first phase has been completed. The construction of the second phase’s rehabilitation hospital, according to yesterday’s statement, is now expected to get off the ground at the end of this year. 

The first phase’s six buildings comprise a general hospital, a logistics support building, an administration and multi-purpose building, a nursing college, staff quarters, and a central laboratory building.

The construction of the central laboratory building was completed in April this year, the last building completed in the Cotai hospital complex’s first phase.

The general hospital complex comprises an outpatient clinic tower and an emergency department tower that are connected to each other by a podium.

According to yesterday’s statement, the site where the new rehabilitation hospital will be located covers about 3,200 square metres. The building will have 15 storeys plus two basement floors. It will have a gross area of about 44,400 square metres.

Four footbridges will be built to connect the new rehabilitation hospital with the general hospital complex and public bus stops at the Islands Healthcare Complex, according to the statement. 

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