Police announce 2 suicides in as many days

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The Judiciary Police (PJ) have announced two suspected suicides on Wednesday and yesterday, in which a 51-year-old mainland man burnt charcoal in his guestroom at a hotel on Rua de Cantão, while a 52-year-old local man hanged himself at his home in a residential building on Estrada Nova da llha Verde.

The two cases have been classified as dead bodies found, of which the exact causes of death have yet to be determined by forensic examination, according to two separate statements.

Mainland man dies by burning charcoal in hotel room

According to a statement from the Judiciary Police on Wednesday night, they were notified by the Fire Services Bureau (CB) at 5:05 p.m. on that day that a man suspected of having burnt charcoal was found dead in his guestroom’s bathroom.

The statement said that as the man surnamed Wu did not check out of his room on Wednesday as scheduled, the hotel staff went to ascertain the situation at the guestroom, where they found that the door was locked on the inside, so they forced the door open with tools.

Upon examination, the statement added, Wu was found lying unresponsive in the bathroom, where a container full of ashes was found at the scene.

No suspicious or criminal injuries were found on the deceased, the statement noted.

A suicide note was found on the desk in the room, according to the statement.

Local man dies after hanging from water pipe

Meanwhile, the Judiciary Police received a notification from the Fire Services Bureau at 10:41 a.m. yesterday that a man aged about 50 had died in a flat, where he lived alone.

After arriving at the scene to investigate, PJ officers found the man surnamed Hoi lying in the living room, where a belt was found hanging on a water pipe on the ceiling, the statement said, adding that the man was not found dead at his home until his neighbour reported to the Fire Services Bureau that a foul smell was coming from the flat.

Hoi’s son told the police that the last time he saw his father was on Sunday evening when the victim did not show any abnormalities.

There was no evidence of foul play, according to the statement.

No suicide note was found at the scene, the statement said, adding that the visible strangulation marks on the victim’s neck were consistent with the belt.

People at risk of suicide, or those suspecting that a person is at risk of suicide, may phone the Social Affairs Bureau’s (IAS) 24-hour counselling hotline (2826 1126) or Caritas Macau’s Life Hope hotline (2852 5222). 

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