696 COVID-19 infections recorded on Wednesday

2023-05-26 03:54     BY Tony Wong    Comment:0

Macau recorded 696 COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, a decrease of six from the 702 infections reported on Tuesday, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced in a statement yesterday.

According to the statement, three of the 696 COVID-19 carriers were admitted to the public Conde de São Januário Hospital Centre for treatment.

Consequently, a total of 107 new COVID-19 patients were admitted to treatment facilities between May 1 and May 24.

Meanwhile, the Health Bureau’s (SSM) COVID-19 website from yesterday stopped reporting Macau’s cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Macau confirmed its first COVID-19 case on January 22, 2020.

The government decided to announce again the daily number of new COVID-19 infections in the city from last week, in the wake of the fact that COVID-19 infections have been on the rise since early this month.

The Macau government has warned that the city is currently being affected by a new peak of COVID-19 infections.

Macau has not recorded any COVID-19 fatalities for 111 days in a row, from February 3 to May 24. Consequently, Macau’s official COVID-19 death toll has remained unchanged at 121. 

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