71 pct of young locals ‘have little intention’ to work in Zhuhai: survey

2023-05-23 03:10     BY Yuki Lei    Comment:1

A survey released yesterday shows that 71 percent of 1,040 respondents said they had “little intention” of developing their careers in Zhuhai due to factors such as unfamiliarity with the neighbouring city and transport and family issues.

The Macau Economic and Livelihood Alliance conducted the survey entitled “Macau Young People’s Intentions to Work in Zhuhai” in early April through phone interviews and online questionnaires, in which 1,040 valid questionnaires were collected from residents aged between 18 and 45, with 87 percent of them aged between 18 and 24, and more than 70 percent were studying for a bachelor’s or a higher degree.

The survey defined “young people” as those aged between 18 and 45.

The findings of the survey, which aimed to provide a set of reference values for the local government and the association in formulating corresponding plans to help young locals participate in the nation’s development, were released yesterday by four representatives of the group at its office in Zape, including directly-elected lawmaker Lo Choi In, a senior executive of the local ICBC branch.

According to the findings, the respondents, most of them interested in careers in entertainment, education and finance, said they would prioritise their salary, working environment and development opportunities if seeking employment in Zhuhai, with about 75 percent of the respondents saying they expected a monthly salary of no less than 12,000 yuan.

The findings show that over 60 percent of the respondents said they were not familiar with the mainland’s “Policy Measures of Supporting Hong Kong and Macau Youths’ Employment and Entrepreneurship” implemented in Zhuhai, although most of them had heard of the measure from news media reports, relatives and friends, as well as official channels of the respective government entities.

Responding to some cities in the mainland having invited Hong Kong and Macau professionals who have already worked and lived in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to serve as career mentors to attract young people from the two special administrative regions to pursue their careers there, 63 percent of the respondents said they would expect their mentors to provide them with services such as internship and career guidance, as well as job recommendations.

In order to encourage young locals to seize development opportunities in the mainland and realise their personal dreams, the representatives urged the government during the press conference to further promote its support measures for young people from Macau to start their business or develop their career in the mainland.

The incentive measures should take into consideration the subsequent development of young locals returning to Macau from the mainland at a future time, the representatives noted, while also urging the government to reduce cross-city commuting costs and implement more measures to facilitate their employment in the mainland. 

Four representatives of the Macau Economic and Livelihood Alliance pose during yesterday’s press conference about its “Macau Young People’s Intentions to Work in Zhuhai” survey, including lawmaker Lo Choi In (second from left), at its office in Zape.
– Photo courtesy of TDM

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