HK-Macau ferry frequency up 4-fold from January: DSAT

2023-05-11 03:27     BY Ginnie Liang    Comment:0

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) says the Hong Kong-Macau route now operates about 76 trips a day, with about four trips per hour, an increase of nearly four times when the service resumed earlier this year.

The bureau made the statement in a formal reply to a written interpellation by legislator-cum-civil engineer Leong Hong Sai made in March, asking the government when the ferry service will resume its frequency to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic. A copy of the reply was released to the media yesterday.

Macau confirmed its first novel coronavirus case in January 2020.

The statement said that according to the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA), there are currently 14 high-speed passenger vessels serving the Hong Kong-Macau route. The bureau added it believes that the ferry companies will adjust the frequency according to market demand, their own capacity and operating costs.

According to the statement, the bureau will also coordinate with the ferry companies an increase in the frequency of voyages during peak periods. 

This undated file photo downloaded yesterday from the official website of TurboJET shows the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

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