Portuguese lensman’s exhibition shows glimpses of Macau’s past & present

2023-02-14 02:53     BY Rui Pastorin    Comment:0

An exhibition and photo documentary project titled “O que foi não volta a ser...” by Portuguese photojournalist Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro is being held at the H2H Gallery on Estrada de Nossa Senhora de Ka-Ho, enabling the past and present to meet through 18 images of Macau.

The title is translated as “what was doesn’t come back”.

According to a recent statement by the gallery, Pinheiro acquired or borrowed old photographs of Macau from between 1930 and 1990. The photos were captured in black and white, as well as in various formats, the statement noted.

The exhibition, as well as his book of the same title, signifies a meeting between the past and present. The statement quoted Pinheiro as saying that this is “very important” as “Macau has changed a lot in the last 50 years”.

He added that his intention is “to show these changes from a different narrative by placing old photos in new places.”

The statement said that Pinheiro was able to obtain 100 images, with 40 chosen to be edited and published, while 18 are currently exhibited. The photographs were acquired through methods such as auctions, online and even from Portugal, the statement added, taking over a year to complete.

Pinheiro has been based in Macau for over 12 years. He is currently part of the Ponto Final newspaper’s editorial staff as a photojournalist and collaborates with Portugal newswire Lusa, according to the statement.

The statement noted that he has collaborated with several Portuguese and overseas publications in the past including O Correio da Manhã, Comércio do Porto, The Washington Post, and the BBC. He has participated in several exhibitions, received different awards and has published several books.

The exhibition runs until February 26. The gallery is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, as well as from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. during the weekends and public holidays. It is closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Admission is free.

Photos taken yesterday by Rui Pastorin

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