Police urge public to be wary of ‘credit-for-sex’ scams

2022-07-04 03:32     BY Yuki Lei    Comment:0

The Judiciary Police (PJ) urged the public in a statement on Friday to be wary of “credit-for-sex” scams.

According to the statement, the police recently received separate reports from two residents that they got to know a “net friend” through a mobile social platform, who claimed that he or she could provide them a massage service, telling them that they needed to buy a game point card to pay for the service.

The statement noted that both of them followed the instructions of the “net friend” by buying a game point card, and sending the serial number and the password on the point card to the “friend”.

The statement said that afterwards, both received a message from another person claiming to be the net friend’s “manager” through the mobile social platform, who gave them different reasons as to why they had to pay for the service again before they could enjoy it. Consequently, both bought more point cards and sent the serial numbers and passwords to the “manager” on several occasions, the statement added.

Afterwards, the statement noted, both realised they had been cheated, so they reported the case to the police.

The statement pointed out that such a scam is commonly known as “fake dating”, in which the victim lose money. Therefore, the Judiciary Police urged the public to be careful when they make friends on the internet, adding that people should stay vigilant and refuse any requests from any “friend” asking for transactions involving money, disclosure of bank or credit card account information, sending nude photos, or going to meet them alone outside, in order not to be cheated by criminals. 

This poster provided by the Judiciary Police (PJ) on Friday warns the public of credit-for-sex scams.

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