Food Literacy Education Base set up in Hengqin

2022-05-06 03:25     BY Prisca Tang    Comment:0

Society of Food & Environmental Health Macao (SFEH) and Da Hengqin Public Facility Management Co. (DHQ, 大橫琴城資公司) has established a Food Literacy Education Base in the Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, the management company said in a statement yesterday.

According to the statement, the launching ceremony of the base was held last Saturday, adding that SFEH will offer green living, low-carbon and sustainability related activities and elevate the ecological value in the zone. The statement pointed out that the aim of the base is to raise ecological conservation awareness, stimulate localised sustainable ideas on solving pollution problems through best practices in the zone, also on how to progressively achieve and benefit from a green economy in which valuable recyclable projects can be developed and become an industrial value chain.

The statement quoted Society of Food & Environmental Health Macao Chairperson Ruby O (柯學明) as saying, “The vision of SFEH is to redevelop the positive relationship between humans and nature, build ecological civilisation literacy, communicate ‘good’ food knowledge and promote traditional Chinese culture by using food as connecting point, and advocate the concept of sustainable development.  In the future, we will organise different educational activities including sharing of innovative ideas, tailor-made training under the green low-carbon urban setting in the Food Literacy Education Base to demonstrate the concept of low-carbon living.” 

Hengqin skyline

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