IC collaborates with local artists in creating murals

2022-01-18 03:30     BY Rui Pastorin    Comment:0

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) announced in a statement yesterday that it has collaborated with local artists in creating various murals that tell the “stories of the communities’ origins in different neighborhoods”.

According to the statement, the murals can be found at Rua de Tomás da Rosa and Anim’Arte NAM VAN on the peninsula, as well as Escada do Coxo in Taipa.

The statement said that the bureau collaborated with the Macau Youth Art Association and invited the local artists Im Hok Lon, Ieong Man Hin, Sit Ka Kit and Lei Chek On to create murals on the steps of Rua de Tomás da Rosa. The murals depict the scenery of the Horta da Mitra district with the theme of birds based on the Chinese name of the area and create a 3D effect utilising the step’s height.

Meanwhile, Ieong Wan Si’s graffiti work called “Rooms” has been on display at Anim’Arte NAM VAN, which was painted in “modern colours with traditional oil painting techniques”. Explaining the art work, the statement said that the different chromatic compositions represent the three phases of a girl’s growth, while the puzzles on the walls represent the life experience in different stages.

The bureau also collaborated with the Taipa Village Cultural Association and invited local artists Vitorino Vong and Jane Ieng in the creation of a mural at Escada do Coxo near Rua do Cunha in Taipa. The statement added that the mural depicts “sardines in bright vivid colours”, while the stairs have been decorated with Portuguese azulejos (painted tiles).

The bureau has also completed the mural on the steps of Travessa da Boa Vista, as well as set up art installations called “Having Fun with Mak Mak” in the Taipa Municipal Garden and at the Taipa Houses, the statement pointed out.

Mak Mak is Macau’s tourism mascot. 

This undated handout photo provided by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) yesterday shows a mural that was created by local artists in collaboration with the bureau and the Taipa Village Cultural Association at Escada do Coxo in Taipa.

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