Zhuhai confirms 7 COVID-19 cases after mass testing: report

2022-01-15 13:21     Comment:0

Seven positive cases were detected during a mass nucleic acid testing campaign in Zhuhai yesterday, and preliminary gene sequencing indicated they were infected by the Omicron variant, Zhang Chen, vice-mayor of Zhuhai, said at a news conference last night, China Daily has reported. 

The Zhuhai government immediately launched a citywide nucleic acid testing (NAT) campaign when a resident in nearby Zhongshan's Tanzhou township, which lies some 10 km northwest of Macau, tested positive during a routine round of testing on Thursday morning.

Tanshou borders Zhuhai to the south and east. It is much closer to central Zhuhai than central Zhongshan city. 

To curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, Zhuhai has suspended all cross-city bus services from Thursday, the authorities announced. 

Zhuhai abuts Macau. The Zhuhai-Macau land border checkpoint in Gongbei is one of the world's busiest. Tens of thousands of migrants working in Macau live in Zhuhai. There are also thousands of Macau residents including schoolchildren who commute daily between the two cities. Cross-border travel by schoolchildren has been banned by the Macau government in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in Zhuhai. 

Zhuhai has a population of over 2 million, compared to Macau's 680,000. 

Meanwhile, the Macau government urged its 30,000 public servants on Thursday to refrain from travelling to medium- and high-risk COVID-19 areas for the time being. 

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