Residents dissatisfied with some social aspects: survey

2021-12-01 03:41     BY Prisca Tang    Comment:0

The United Citizens Think Tank said in a statement given out during a press conference yesterday that according to the findings of a survey that it conducted recently, residents are dissatisfied with some social aspects such as employment, health care, transportation and housing.

The press conference was held at Centro Ji Cing do Povo (民眾頤菁中心) in Taipa. The survey covered 2020-21.

The think tank is affiliated to the Alliance for Common People Building Up Macau (民眾建澳聯盟 –API). Both the think thank and the alliance are headed by lawmaker-cum-civic leader Si Ka Lon (施家倫).

According to the statement, the think tank cooperated with the City University of Macau (CityU) to conduct the survey, which received 1,336 responses with over 80 percent of them deemed valid. The statement pointed out that the survey had 11 categories.

The statement said that residents were most satisfied with the city’s food safety, water quality and air quality. However, three categories’ satisfaction levels dipped year-on-year – the employment satisfaction rate decreased 16.1 percent, the social security satisfaction rate dropped 15.36 percent and health care and hygiene satisfaction rate declined 15.81 percent.

The statement pointed out that 754 residents urged the government to set up a health insurance subsidy for them to have options when needing to see a doctor. The statement also said that residents agreed that the government should attract non-local medical talents, set up online medical consultancies and launch a health education programme to allow residents to have easier access to health care services.

Apart from the survey’s 11 categories, there were also 16 hot-button issues in the questionnaire for residents to express their opinions. The statement said that on the topic of COVID-19 prevention and control, residents wanted the government to promote knowledge of COVID-19 vaccines, in particular targeting children and senior citizens. According to the survey, residents also suggested that government officials “visit local communities” and answer residents’ questions or tackle misunderstandings about COVID-19 vaccines and the novel coronavirus per se.

On the topic of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the statement said, some residents urged the government to launch programmes for local SMEs to step out of Macau and enter the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Residents also suggested the government optimise policies to lower online shopping delivery costs and facilitate access to livestreaming from the mainland.

The statement also pointed out that residents urged the government to assess the possibility of setting up a “citizens’ fund” to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, as well as be prepared for an ever-ageing population.

United Citizen Think Tank and City University of Macau representatives address yesterday’s press conference about the 2020-21 survey’s findings on residents’ satisfaction rate, at Centro Ji Cing do Povo in Taipa. Photo courtesy of TDM

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