Local lensman shows ‘Death & Rebirth’

2021-10-19 03:17     BY Camy Tam    Comment:0

An exhibition entitled “Death and Rebirth – New Photography Works by Ieong Man Pan” (死亡與復興 – 楊文彬攝影展), organised by the Taipa Village Cultural Association, is being held at Taipa Village Art Space.

According to a statement by the association, the event is its last exhibition of the year and showcases Ieong’s recent photographic works, which capture transient moments typically passed over in day-to-day life.

As a starting point for this series, Ieong recalls some of his life-changing personal experiences in search of a way to reset his photographic eye and find a reason to continue to pursue his passion. Focusing on fleeting moments normally unnoticed to the untrained eye, the uncanny framing of the subject matter magnifies the meaning of being present, being situated uniquely in a specific moment and in a particular time and place, the statement points out. 

Ieong was born in Macau in 1985. He is a freelance artist who founded the “1844 Macau Photography Art Space”, a commercial photography studio dedicated to showing local photographic artwork. Ieong obtained a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Jinan University (JNU – 暨南大學) in 2008, and a master’s degree in art from Chongqing University (CQU – 重慶大學) in 2012 in which he specialised in photographic art research. 

As a fine-art photographer, Ieong’s works have been collected by the Macau Museum of Art (MAM), the Albergue SCM gallery, Orient Foundation, Beijing Poly, and private collectors in the mainland and overseas.

Ieong underlines in a statement about the exhibition that “in everyday life, we are always living within the self-judgment of good and bad, and any moment can be regarded as the limit; therefore, any moment can be a moment of change. This means we can push things to the limit in exchange for new situations, or we can reach the tipping point and retreat thereafter”, adding that “everything can change as long as I don’t choose to evade – when the darkest phase has passed, the light will come”.

The exhibits are for sale, priced at 690 patacas each, with 15 prints of each photograph, all signed by Ieong.

The exhibition runs until October 31 at the Taipa Village Art Space gallery at 10 Rua dos Clérigos in Taipa. It opens daily from 12 noon to 8 p.m. Admission is free.

For enquiries, call 2857 6118 or visit


Photos: Camy Tam

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