16 invalid votes declared valid, all 14 directly-elected lawmakers confirmed: audit

2021-09-15 03:33     Comment:0

Prisca Tang

        Kuok Kin Hong, who heads the General Audit Committee of the Legislative Assembly Elections, said yesterday at the Public Administration Building in Rua do Campo that the committee had reviewed all the provisionally invalidated ballots cast in Sunday’s direct and indirect elections and concluded that 16 votes – 15 from the direct election and one from the indirect election – which had initially been deemed invalid were finally declared valid, stressing that the previously announced official results of the direct legislative election were unaffected by the new tabulation.

According to Kuok, the number of spoilt votes was “not that many” compared to previous years. He noted that 137, 279 voters cast their ballot in the direct election. While 132, 071 were valid, 3,141 were blank and 2,067 were invalid.

Kuok pointed out that after the tabulation, according to the number of votes, the results for the directly elected Legislative Assembly (AL) members are as follows:

Si Ka Lon 26,599 votes

Lei Cheng I 23,761 votes

Jose Maria Pereira Coutinho 18,232 votes

Zheng Anting 16,813 votes

Leong Hong Sai 15,102 votes

Wong Kit Cheng 14,232 votes

Song Pek Kei 13,299.5 votes

Leong Sun Iok 11,880.5 votes

Che Sai Wang 9,116 votes

Lam U Tou 8,764 votes

Lo Choi In 8,406.5 votes

Ngan Iek Hang 7,551 votes

Ma Io Fong 7, 116 votes

Lei Leong Wong 6,649.75 votes

Kuok noted that the 12 indirectly-elected legislators are:

Industrial, commercial and financial sector

Kou Hoi In 969 votes

Jose Chui Sai Peng 484.5 votes

Ip Sio Kai 242.25 votes

Wang Sai Man 121.125 votes

Labour Sector

Lam Lon Wai 1,074 votes

Lei Chan U 537 votes

Professional sector

Chui Sai Cheong 624 votes

Vong Hin Fai 312 votes

Chan Iek Lap 156 votes

Social services and education sector

Alan Ho Ion Sang 1,776 votes

Cultural and sports sector

Andrew Chan Chak Mo 2,317 votes

Angela Leong On Kei 1158.5 votes

The 12 candidates in the indirect election ran unopposed.

Kuok said that the final numbers have been uploaded on the government’s election website, and they have also been posted on the first floor of the Public Administration Building for the public to see.

Kuok Kin Hong (centre), who heads the General Audit Committee of the Legislative Assembly Elections, talks to reporters yesterday about the final tally of Sunday’s election, at the Public Administration Building in Rua do Campo. Photo: Prisca Tang

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