Firefighters conduct fire drill at Grand Lisboa Palace

2021-07-27 04:30     Comment:0

The Fire Services Bureau (CB) said in a statement yesterday that in order to strengthen Grand Lisboa Palace’s emergency plans and communication coordination system, it conducted a fire drill at the resort in Cotai yesterday.

According to the statement, the drill was simulating that a fire alarm went off because of a blaze in a restaurant on the second floor. The statement said that after staff members from the resort’s security department were alerted about the fire, they immediately followed the established emergency plan and safely escorted their affected colleagues to the exit point, after which they contacted the police. The statement said that after the bureau received a call from the resort, 50 firefighters and 11 emergency vehicles were dispatched to the scene. The statement said that the firefighters immediately started to fight the fire while helping people exit the building.

The statement said that during the drill, five people “felt unwell” or were “injured” so paramedics and firefighters took them to the hospital or attended to their wounds.

The statement underlined that over 300 firefighters and officers from the Fire Services Bureau and the resort participated in the fire drill, adding that after a post-drill meeting, both parties agreed that the drill was successful and had met their expectations.

This photo taken during yesterday’s fire drill at Grand Lisboa Palace in Cotai shows a staff member of the resort being put on an ambulance by paramedics from the Fire Services Bureau (CB) to go to hospital. Photo: Fire Services Bureau

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