Pimp supplies 17-year-old girl to 5 clients: police

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A suspected pimp from the mainland was arrested in a Cotai hotel guestroom on Monday for supplying a 17-year-old girl for sex to clients in various local hotels, Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesman Lou Chan Fai said at a special press conference yesterday.

The girl and a 35-year-old prostitute, both from the mainland, were in the room when the suspect was arrested.

This is the second case of its kind in a week. On Saturday a suspected pimp surnamed Xu from the mainland was arrested for supplying another 17-year-old girl to sex clients.

The 43-year-old pimp arrested on Monday, also surnamed Xu, told the police that he is jobless. The two sex workers from the mainland are a 17-year-old jobless girl surnamed Chen, and a 35-year-old woman surnamed Li who told the police that she works as a salesperson.

According to Lou, the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) recently ordered the Judiciary Police to investigate the two prostitution cases that both involved a minor.

Lou did not say whether the two Xus are related.

The Judiciary Police confirmed that Xu, Chen and Li had entered Macau via the Barrier Gate checkpoint early on Saturday and immediately put them under surveillance. PJ officers noticed that the two women were on the prowl for sex clients in hotels in Cotai looking for clients and several times entered their clients’ guestrooms.

Lou said the Judiciary Police took action on Monday morning and arrested Xu in his guestroom as well as the two prostitutes he controlled. In the room the police seized 123 condoms and 307 business cards advertising commercial sex, and seized HK$3,500 and 4,500 yuan from the safe.

Under questioning, Chan told the police that she had received HK$1,200 for each sex service and provided service for five clients. She had received from her clients a total of HK$6,000 and paid Xu HK$1,200. Li told the police that she had received HK$1,500 for each sex service and also “serviced” five clients. She earnt a total of HK$7,500 and paid Xu HK$1,000. The Judiciary Police believe that Xu had been pimping in Macau for about six months. Xu refused to cooperate with the police, according to Lou.

Lou said the Judiciary Police do not believe that the case involved human trafficking and the 10 sex clients had meanwhile left Macau but would assist the police in their investigation as witnesses.

Xu was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) yesterday, facing charges of pimping and controlling a minor for commercial sex, according to Lou.

The suspected pimp is being escorted by Judiciary Police (PJ) officers from the PJ headquarters to a PJ vehicle yesterday. – Photos courtesy of TDM

Evidence seized from the pimping suspect such as two smartphones, a large number of condoms and cash is displayed at the Judiciary Police (PJ) headquarters yesterday.

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