Macau’s cityscapes & traditions shown in 3D paper art

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Lesley Wells

        Benson Lam Iam Sang, a local artist-cum-interior designer who designs and makes 3D paper art lanterns and free standing 3D decorations, currently has an exhibition of his work in Taipa Village Art Space in Rua do Cunha from now until October 1.

The Macau Post Daily met Lam in the Art Space on Friday to talk about his latest exhibition. Lam said, “I decided to show the beauty of the city and multi-cultural traditions of Macau festivals in different types of 3D art – polygonal digital art mixed with low poly paper forms and light boxes. Some are a mix of 3D and painting. I achieved the oil painting effect using graphic designs.”

On display there are 3D COVID-19 facemasks “yellow, red and green representing Macau, blue representing Portugal and a multi-coloured one representing all foreigners in the city,” said Lam.

Some of the designs, like the ubiquitous Portuguese blue tiles, are in a frame with LED lighting as well as a traditional Chinese New Year lion. Other designs show Valentine’s Day, the Ruins of St Pauls and Praça do Tap Seac.

Also on display are light boxes showing the Dragon Boat Festival and local landmarks. Apart from festivals and cityscapes there are the free standing animals with which Lam started his 3D paper art journey.

This time Lam has designed two rabbits, one a traditional Easter bunny and the other so indicative of Macau with the diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs of a deck of cards representing the city’s gaming industry.

SE Asian partners

Lam said that he has partners in Malaysia and Thailand that make up DIY kits from his 3D designs, which can be ordered online. “I do the design, testing and sampling and then send them to the production centres in Malaysia and Thailand. The partners do local training, supply the kits to their local schools and hold workshops,” added Lam.

The DIY kits are mostly of pets and sell well in Canada, Europe and the US as well as Hong Kong.

Taipa Village Cultural Association Vice President and Taipa Village Destination Limited Head of Marketing Pamela Chan Weng Sun told The Macau Post Daily on Friday that the association aims to “promote art and culture in Macau with 90 percent of the artists displayed in the art space being locals.”

She explained, “The Art Space was an old shop house which we renovated and where we experiment with different types of exhibitions. We are dedicated to promoting the local cultural and creative industry.”

Lam said that he was stunned on the opening night of the exhibition [July 7], when Chan informed him that “19 of my 23 designs were sold, I now have to get busy and make them.”

Summer workshops

Lam said that he will be holding 12 summer workshops for children from July 16 to 21 August on Fridays and Saturdays at the Macau Federation of Trade Unions’ (FAOM) Hac Sa Wan (Areia Preta) branch.

The federation is generally known as Gung Luen, its name in Cantonese.

The Diversity of Macau Festivals 3D Paper Art Creations by Benson Lam exhibition is on at Taipa Village Art Space from now until October 1. The opening hours are Monday to Sunday midday to 8 p.m. Admission is free.

In line with government guidelines on COVID-19 prevention all visitors must wear a facemask, have their temperature taken and present their Macau health code on entering.

All exhibits are for sale from between 300 and 500 patacas. Lam also does special commissions on request.

For any enquiries email Lam on or visit dogqmen on Facebook.

Benson Lam Iam Sang poses with some of his creations at Taipa Village Art Space in Rua Do Cunha [Walking Street] on Friday. Photos: Lesley Wells

3D Paper Art cacemasks with Benson Lam Iam Sang holding a sample of a half-finished mask.

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