Local movie duo return to their origins

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Camy Tam

        An exhibition entitled “Trapped x Escape – An Eternal Theme: Narrative Stills” by local movie director Tracy Choi Ian Sin and cinematographer Simmy Cheong Sin Mei, organised by the Taipa Village Cultural Association, is being held at Taipa Village Art Space.

According to an article by the association, the exhibition showcases short films together with a unique set of narrative still images, uncovering the essence of the stories in a different form.

The article points out that the images on display at the exhibition were inspired by science fiction. The exhibition tells the story of a woman who is trapped and wants to escape, reflecting the universal urge to confront one’s own fears, entrapment by the past or longing for someone as yet unknown.

According to the article, the story, presented in a number of short films and still images, demonstrates a strong connection to Choi’s familiar movie themes, which address women’s issues.

From the still images, viewers can interact with the exhibits to weave their own stories and draw their own conclusions. The location in which the photographs were taken can also be freely imagined by viewers themselves, the article underlines.

The article notes that Choi is a local film director whose movies featuring feminist issues have garnered her international awards and recognition. Her film “Sisterhood” (骨妹) was the only film representing Macau at the inaugural edition of the 1st International Film Festival and Awards‧Macao (IFFAM) held in December 2016 in Macau, winning the “Eye of the Audience” award.

Choi obtained a bachelor’s degree in Film Production from Shih Hsin University in Taipei in 2010 and returned to Macau to work as a TV host at public broadcaster TDM, but directing films was always her dream, according to the article.

Cheong is a local cinematographer and steadicam operator. She participated in the award-winning movies “Sisterhood” (骨妹) and “Our 17” (那一年我 17) in 2017. After graduating from the Motion Picture Department of “National Taiwan University of Arts” (NTUA) with a bachelor degree, Cheong continued her film production studies at the 3rd Golden Horse Film Academy. Her short film “Night Café” (夜咖啡) was screened at the 48th Golden Horse Film Festival. As a freelancer, Cheong engages in a variety of film making and cinematography projects. She obtained a certificate of steadicam operation in 2016, the article points out.

According to the article, the concept of the exhibition is based on the fact that Choi and Cheong have worked together for more than 10 years, and sometimes they don’t need to say anything because of their tacit understanding. But sometimes, because there is too much tacit understanding, the ideas are too consistent, “and there are some invisible frames that restrict them.”

The article adds that “they hope to return to the original point and tell a simple story with still pictures through this exhibition to experiment together, return to the origins, and regain their original intentions.”

The exhibition runs until July 2 at the Taipa Village Art Space gallery at 10 Rua dos Clérigos in Taipa. It opens daily from 12 noon to 8 p.m. Admission is free.

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Photos: Camy Tam

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