Water consumption drops 8 pct in 2020: Macao Water

2021-03-04 03:14     Comment:0

Macao Water Executive Director Nacky Kuan Sio Peng told the media yesterday that last year’s tap water consumption experienced a negative growth of eight percent mainly due to a dearth of tourists and commercial activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kuan made the remarks on the sidelines of yesterday’s Macao Water Media Spring Luncheon at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre.

According to Kuan, water consumption at commercial centres dropped by 24 percent year-on-year, while household water usage rose by nine percent last year. Kuan said that she expected water consumption to increase three percent this year, adding however, that it may not reach the same level as 2019 in the next one to three years. She also noted that in January and February Macao Water still experienced a negative consumption growth of four percent.

Kuan also said that her company expected its net profit to have fallen by 20 percent to 70 million patacas, about the net profit that it recorded both in 2016 and 2017.

Kuan said that this year her company is planning to implement a water recycling and reuse scheme with the University of Macau (UM), adding that the water would be recycled on the campus.

When asked what the big plans were for this year, Kuan said that her company aimed to pursue the so-called Smart Water concept by introducing a number of services to the Zone A reclamation area.

She added that her company will make use of virtual platforms and mobile terminal applications, whereby the whole water supply process would be fully monitored and controlled for better tap water security, such as water pressure, quality and flow. She also said that auto-meters would be used to eliminate the need to read the meters in person.

Kuan also noted that the Seac Pai Van Water Treatment Plant is now in operation and commenced supplying tap water to the outlying islands early this year. She underlined that the new infrastructure, in connection with the 4th Raw Water Pipeline to Macau, is balancing Macau’s entire water distribution network and has increased the city’s total water supply capacity from 390,000 cubic metres to 520,000 cubic metres per day. She said that the new plant will be supplying Macau’s entire outlying islands by the second quarter.

Macao Water Executive Director Nacky Kuan Sio Peng talks to the media on the sidelines of yesterday’s Media Spring Luncheon at Macau Tower. Photo: Camy Tam

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