Man takes sneak snaps of colleague in toilet, claims ‘obsession’ as motive

2021-02-23 03:06     Comment:0

A local man was arrested on Saturday for taking sneak snaps of a colleague in the women’s toilet of a hotel in Taipa earlier that day, Public Security Police (PSP) spokesman Cheong Heon Fan said in a regular press conference yesterday.

The suspect cited his “obsession” with the woman as his motive for the crime.

The 33-year-old local suspect surnamed Wu told the police that he works as a maintenance worker in the hotel. The victim is a local woman in her thirties who works as a clerical staff in the same hotel.

According to Cheong, the security department of the hotel reported to the Public Security Police on Saturday afternoon that a man taking sneak snaps in the hotel’s women’s toilet had been intercepted by security guards.

After PSP officers arrived at the scene, the victim told them that when she was using the toilet earlier that day, she heard some noise in a cubicle next to hers. She discovered that someone was using a smartphone to take pictures of her. When she started to shout, the suspect ran away immediately. The victim gave chase and managed to stop him. The victim reported the case to the police with the assistance of the hotel security.

Under questioning, Wu said that it had been first time that he had taken photos and videos of the woman. He also said that he had been “obsessed” with the victim for some time, because of which on Saturday he followed her into the ladies’ toilet to take some sneak snaps. He told the police that he deleted all the photos and videos when he panicked after the incident at the toilet, according to Cheong.

Wu was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) yesterday, facing an invasion of privacy charge, according to Cheong.

This undated handout photo provided by the Public Security Police (PSP) yesterday shows the suspect being escorted by PSP officers at a police station car park in Taipa.

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