Mainland couple, local man nabbed for sham marriage

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Deal involved sex in lieu of cash

A couple and a local man were arrested recently for a sham marriage in order for the couple and their son to be able to obtain Macau ID cards, Public Security Police (PSP) spokeswoman Lai In Hong said at a regular press conference yesterday. 

The three suspects, who are in their forties, include a mainland couple – the jobless husband surnamed Lin and his wife surnamed Dong who holds a Macau ID card and works as a casino dealer. They have a 14-year-old son who was born in Macau. The third suspect is a local man surnamed Lam who works as a pharmacy employee who married Dong so that she could get her local ID card. 

According to Lai, the Public Security Police (PSP) discovered the bogus marriage last year after Dong had applied for a family reunion with her mainland husband surnamed Lin. 

Dong and Lin married in the mainland in March 2000. With the help of an employment agency, they began to work in Macau as non-resident workers in early 2006 in the same shop. Lai said both Dong and Lin reported the same address. 

When Dong was pregnant she divorced Lin in March 2006. Only one month later, Dong married Lam in the mainland and proceeded with her to move to Macau, and her son was born in November of the same year. Lai said Lam is the “father” registered on the birth certificate of Dong’s son. Dong obtained her Macau ID card in 2011 and divorced Lam in 2013. In July 2016, Dong remarried Lin in the mainland and applied for a family reunion so that he could move to Macau. 

According to Lai, PSP officers discovered that Dong, Lin, their son and Lin’s father have been living together in the same flat in Macau since 2006, while Lam and Dong never lived together in Macau. PSP officers arrested the three suspects recently, and under questioning, Lam admitted that he registered as the “father” of Dong’s son but denied the sham marriage. Dong admitted that she married Lam when she found out that she was pregnant so that her son was able to obtain a Macau ID card and subsequently applied for Lin to get a Macau ID card. She told the police that she had had sex at least twice with Lam as “compensation” for the sham marriage as the couple didn’t have the cash to pay Lam for the deal. 

The trio have been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP), facing document forgery charges, according to Lai. 

Public Security Police (PSP) spokeswoman Lai In Hong poses during yesterday’s regular press conference at the Judiciary Police (PJ) headquarters. 

Photo: Camy Tam

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