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The Macau Post Daily, the city's oldest and largest circulation English-language newspaper, celebrates its 10th anniversary today. For a decade now The Macau Post Daily has been your local paper in English, the world's universal language.

Since its birth after prolonged labour pains 10 years ago and the inevitable growing pains, The Macau Post Daily has steadily grown into one of the main publications among Macau's 16 Chinese-, English- and Portuguese-language dailies.

Our approach towards news remains mainstream, striving to be accurate, balanced and concise (the ABC of professional journalism) and to avoid spin and hype like the plague.

All our news stories, features and photos are property attributed. We do not lift information masquerading as news from the Internet.

The editorial principles of The Macau Post Daily have been very clear since its launch. We support the 'One Country, Two Systems' and the 'One China' principles that have been the foundation of the city's political system since the establishment of the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR) in 1999. We also back the preservation of Macau's unique Sino-Western heritage and identity, as well as its social, political and economic development in accordance with the Macau Basic Law. We also support our city's multiculturalism. Our news coverage also focuses on Macau's role as a platform for economic and cultural ties between China and the rest of the world, namely Europe and the Portuguese-speaking world. That's why The Macau Post Daily was the world's first English-language newspaper with a page focusing on the Portuguese-speaking world every day.

We are now one of Macau's most widely read newspapers. Our readership includes local and foreign residents, businesspeople, executives, teachers, scholars, students, professionals, government officials, and tourists. Our list of subscribers reads like a Who's Who of Macau. Our readership also includes foreign consulates, research entities, consultancies, universities and libraries in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Unlike other newspapers, The Macau Post Daily is not given away free of charge. We take great pride in being one of Macau's best-selling subscription newspapers, which guarantees our advertisers a stable and committed readership. We regard ourselves as a traditional print product which stays clear of the Internet's notoriously unreliable social media. After all, we are a newspaper.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, advertisers and distributors for their support over the past 10 years. We also thank all those who chose to publish special advertisements to congratulate The Macau Post Daily on its 10th anniversary.

ISSN:1813-2898 Macau's oldest and largest circulation English-language newspaper - accurate, balanced, concise - no spin, no hype