DIRECTOR : Harald Bruning Thursday October 30, 2014  
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 The Macau Post Daily, launched in August 2004, is Macau's oldest English-language newspaper. It is owned by local publishing and printing interests.

 The newspaper was started to provide Macau with an independent English-language daily that strives to cater for all its different communities and visitors interested in reading local, national and international news and views in the world's universal language.

 The newspaper is keen to foster multicultural tolerance and understanding, as well as to promote Macau's unique tangible and intangible heritage.

 The newspaper is independent of any non-media business interests and emphasizes its "equidistance" towards Macau's gaming companies.

 The Macau Post Daily supports the “One Country, Two Systems” principle that constitutes the political framework of Macau's status as an integral but autonomous part of China.
ISSN:1813-2898 Macau's oldest and largest circulation English-language newspaper - accurate, balanced, concise - no spin, no hype